Thinking About Becoming a Wen Customer?

Wen is a hair care line that contains natural ingredients that will preserve and restore the health of the hair. The brand is also known for its cleansing conditioners, which cleanse and nourish the hair without the use of traditional shampoo. Several celebrities have used Wen, and can confirm that the products, created by Chaz Dean, can make a big difference in the health of the hair.

If you’re considering using WEN, check out this Bustle review by Emily McClure, who used the Fig conditioner from Wen for a week.

Emily says she was happy with the way the conditioner made her hair feel after just one use, even though she had to use a lot of the product. Her hair stayed moisturized all week long, even when she missed a day of washing. However, that was also the same day that she used heat to style her hair into curls, and the curls fell a few hours later because the conditioner made her hair oilier than normal.

By the time the experiment was nearly over, McClure’s friends commented on how shiny and healthy her hair was. Emily says she would recommend Fig conditioner to women with thin hair like hers, and says the product works well to protect the hair from daily heat styling.

Wen products are available on Guthy-Renker and QVC stores.

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How To Heal Your Hair Naturally

Our hair takes a serious beating on a regular basis. The fact is that hair is much more fragile than most people realize and is easily damaged by numerous factors.

Weather factors like harsh winds, high humidity and excessively dry temperatures can agitate our hair follicles and cause dryness. Exposure to devices that use heat such as blow-dryers and curling irons damages hair and robs it of moisture. Even many of the hair products that we use contain ingredients that are anything but healthy for our hair.

Luckily, there are ways to heal our hair naturally. These Wiki tips are easy, inexpensive and highly effective.

Start Using Coconut Oil

By massaging coconut oil into your hair on a weekly basis, you can undo much of the damage that has caused your hair to be dry and frizzy.

Switch to a Cleansing Conditioner

The Cleansing Conditioner by WEN by stylist Chaz Dean is a new kind of product for your hair. Instead of using harsh ingredients that dry your hair, this product cleans and conditions hair using only natural ingredients.

WEN hair Cleansing Conditioner also revitalizes hair that is dull and dry. Using a plethora of plant-based moisturizing ingredients, dry and damaged hair can become shiny, silky and luxuriously soft. Wen hair products are available on QVC.

Avoid Unfriendly Friction

Hair is very sensitive to intense friction. Things like terry cloth towels and cotton pillowcases can agitate your hair’s cuticles, resulting in a serious case of frizz. Instead, use gentle materials like microfiber and silk when dealing with your hair.

By following these easy steps, you will be on your way to having gorgeous tresses that are free of frizz and dryness forever.