Kate Hudson and Fabletics Success Strategy

Kate Hudson is lighting up the country as the face of Fabletics. Fabletics is an upscale line of “athleisure” wear, athletic wear that is trendy enough to transition outside of the gym. When Fabletics was started in 2014, co-founders of parent company TechStyle LLC knew that they had to have the perfect person to showcase their brand. They wanted to showcase the quality of the line with a face that represented quality and a commitment to fitness as well as a fun face that people could picture themselves taking a yoga class with.

All agreed that face was actress Kate Hudson. She has been known for a decade for her commitment to fitness and staying physically active. Above that, she is a really relatable actress with a face and personality that women everywhere just seemed to adore. Kate Hudson agreed to be the face of Fabletics after hearing about the project and determining it was one she could really stand behind. At the time, Fabletics was just a startup, but the vision to bring well-made, quality, trendsetting athletic outfits to women everywhere was one she definitely had a passion for. She believes sincerely that women should feel good when they work out and should feel it is something fun to do, not a chore that must be done to look a certain way.


After taking on the role of head spokes person for Fabletics, Kate Hudson has continued to be highly involved. She uses buyer data and sales number to determine exactly what pieces are doing best. From there, she works with the team to select what trends women want and make selections based on that. Using this data in this way has been so successful that TechStyle co-founders say they expect 95% of their inventory to be purchased each sales cycle of new styles.


Fabletics is a unique company that focuses on what buyers are looking for and particularly on how they shop and see value in the digital realm. To break into the market of athletic wear, Fabletics has always used a technique that puts the digital shopping experience before stores – or a reverse showroom technique of sales. This gives customers an easy shopping experience that doesn’t require them to leave the couch. It also allows the experience to cater to each customer by using a Lifestyle Quiz to build a profile of their data before they even make a purchase. If you haven’t taken the Lifestyle Quiz and want to learn more about Fabletics, it is on their website and takes just a few moments.

The Brown Agency: Models In The Making

Dreams come in all themes, shapes, and sizes. For many, childhood is filled with dreams and aspirations about being successful. Most often, this success includes some sort of fame. Children, as well as adults, are often thrilled at the idea of being known and recognized for their talents. For so many children, modeling and entertaining are exciting and ideal careers. The thought of being chosen to represent some of the world’s largest brands is quite enticing, and the lifestyle associated with a career in the entertainment industry is desirable to nearly all of us. Gaining recognition and establishing yourself in the entertainment can prove to be quite the challenge. With the endless amounts of aspiring entertainers and newly bred talent emerging nearly every day, competition can be fierce. For those wanting to take the plunge into a life in front of the lens, there are professionals dedicated to helping you make your dream a reality.

Brown Agency, formerly known as Wilhelmina Austin, is a full-service modeling agency based in Central Texas. Since their 2010 launch, the Brown Modeling Agency has established themselves as leaders in the fashion and entertainment industry. Today, some of the world’s biggest brands are represented by the faces of the Brown Modeling Agency. From L’oreal Paris to Dell, and from the catalog to the runway, the versatility and unmatched amount of talent and hard work offered by the models of the Brown Agency. Models of the agency have strutted across the runways for fashion week in Austin, Dallas, and New York, as we as Miami Swim Week.

In 2015, Wilhelmina Austin merged with Heyman Talent and made their first debut as the new Brown Modeling Agency. Serving as a platform for their continued growth and success.The merger expanded both the clientele and potential for models. By expanding the agency, models now have the opportunity to expand their portfolios giving them the chance to present themselves to more clients. Through their hard work and dedication, the faces of the Brown Agency have are a true expression of their commitment to their models and their clients.

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Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Poised to Make Amazon Worry

Amazon doesn’t worry about too much, in fact, sitting in the top position of the e-commerce apparel niche for so long and pulling in 20 percent of the sales in that market. Even when a new active-wear company comes rolling down the river, they usually don’t last very long, that is until recently. When Kate Hudson’s Fabletics came on the scene, no one really took notice, but after pulling in over $250 million in three short years, perhaps Amazon has something to be worried about.


The way Hudson talks about her athleisure brand and her success is really quit simple, she credits it to reverse show-rooming and a very unique membership. To understand how the company has grown so large in such a short time, we go back to the Fabletics store in the mall where you find women of all ages trying all the clothes on, doing some window-shopping, getting the Fabletics membership, and taking the Lifestyle Quiz. What might surprise many, most of the women leave the store without making a purchase, and that is fine by the company.


How could the company grow and make so much money when they let the consumer out of the store without buying?


This is where Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is blazing a trail of her own and making shoppers into loyal customers. These same women who were in the store will eventually visit the Fabletics website. All the active-wear and workout apparel they tried on at the retail store is in the member’s profile, so they already know what items fit them perfectly and they want to buy more. Unlike the shopping experience at Amazon, where women are buying active-wear without getting to see how it fits and having to return it time and time again, Fabletics customers have no worries.


What happens is these Kate Hudson’s Fabletics customers select an item, then another based on that size, and another, and wind up spending more than they would have in the retail store. Then you have to look at all the benefits of being a Fabletics member, like lower pricing, a personal shopping assistant, and free shipping on the online orders. Women are being pampered, and they seem to love the entire experience. If sales numbers are any indication, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is poised to give Amazon a real run for the money in this very competitive and crowded women’s apparel niche.

Fabletics Increases Customers’ Confidence and Gains Them Compliments

There are a lot of advantages that people experience when they get cute clothes. For one thing, an update in style is going to put customers in a different world. They are going to be very satisfied with the style that they have put together. This is enough for most people. However, people are also going to get compliments from others. This is going to be a very welcome bonus for most people in that they like to know that they look good. It also gives them validation on their sense of style. People love knowing that they know how to put together a good outfit when they have an interest in fashion.


One thing that helps is finding the right type of fashion retailer. This retailer is Fabletics. This online fashion retailer subscription service does everything it can to make sure that it serves the customer. After all, it is the customer that is going to decide whether or not the company is worth doing business with. Therefore, Fabletics does everything it can to know what each member that signs up wants. This will help with the supply of items that customers won’t be able to find anywhere else.


Fabletics works with the understanding that confidence is very important to the customer. One of the most effective confidence builders is a good outfit. At the same time, the customer has to be able to put her own spin on the outfit so that she will be able to know that it is her idea. Fabletics makes sure that it gets the customers as close to their personal style as possible.


While customers can gain confidence with a good outfit that brings them confidence, the most important thing is for them to learn not to dress for others, but for themselves. When they walk around in the outfit that they personally like and get the compliments that they wanted, then they will have one of the happiest moments of their lives. One good thing about fashion from Fabletics is that customers will be able to build their own world and identity with the clothes that they get from this brand.