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Rebel Wilson was born at Australia in Sydney in march 2,1990 .She went to Australian theater people and at the second city in us where she trained herself to be an actress. She focused on featuring film projects after a successful stage and television career in united state she is a distance relative of Walt Disney through Lillian Disney Walts wife.

Rebel graduated from prestigious university of new south Wales in 2009 with a degree of law and bachelor of arts she got three sister that is Ryot Wilson, Liberty Wilson ,and Annachi Wilson.she used to compete with her sister liberty in music competition since she enjoys rap music , she got allergies for dog her personal quotes is that it took people who have power to say yes to pull the trigger for her since then it became easier she is not like anybody out there , with abilities ,skills and looks. She earns a salary of $65000per episode per every super night.

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Isn’t it Romantic is 2019 upcoming American fantasy comedy film and is directed by Todd Strauss-Schulson. The film star is Rebel Wilson , Liam Hemsworth,Adam Devine and Priyanka chopra and it entails a woman who is hit and and she wakes up in a new world where it’s like a comedy film the film is said to be released in 13th February 2019 in united state.

Natalie believed when she has seen rom-com it will be all about fantacy who was an Australian architecture and lived in new York city, but she wakes up and discovers that she is all aware of her existence in the universe and she had to escape all this in order to finally fall in love and will attain a happily ever life, but eventually will bring her back to reality.

Rebel said she is lucky to be a woman and also being in Hollywood doing comedy and that many writers are getting chance to create the script. She is excited about creating more driven female project in near future.

Isn’t it romantic is a story of a young woman disenchanted with love and find herself trapped in a love comedy. Wilson said she was made to be serial liar by the Australian women weekly and magazines. She said her reputation and credit had been embarrassed and humiliated and she was even sued for special damages she caused and claiming she missed out some roles and others were terminated in the article.

Rebel Wilson represented Matthew Collins on June 2017 0n 15th, and publishing her articles would have caused harm to her career wilson was awarded A$4,500,000 in damages on 13th September 2017.

Isn’t it romantic was reported that Rebel Wilson would act as Natalie in the romantic comedy which was filmed by New Line Cinema, Todd Strauss-Schulson on 22nd march 2017 to be the director of the film but it was also revealed that the newest draft of script was done by paula pell. Isn’t it romantic will be the best movie in 2019 and would recommend everyone to watch it as it’s interesting.

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