Ryan Seacrest Has A Successful Relationship Alongside His Career

When Ryan Seacrest and his girlfriend first met, they were both interested in each other right away. When they first started a relationship in 2013, what truly brought them together was food. As a couple, they do a lot of things together, including staying healthy and exercising together, eating clean, and working hard in their careers. In 2014, Ryan and Shayna broke up for a while, but they have since come back together even strong and in a sync that they had not had before. According to them both, they have had time to mature and

really see things on a deeper level over the years. Now, Ryan and Shayna take a little extra time every day to spend some time together, no matter what it is that they do together.

Ryan is a huge success in the entertainment and radio industries throughout the United States. Since 2004, Ryan has been performing his famous radio show, On Air WIth Ryan Seacrest. This first business prospect has since expanded into a dozen other projects that Ryan is constantly invested in for his professional career. While this is the way it has always been with Ryan Seacrest, he is finding ways to spend more time with his family, including Shayna. The strict guidelines and schedules that Ryan has lived by work out okay with Shayna because she is living a busy life as well.

Recently, Shayna and Ryan made a move together to live in New York City. This took place in 2017 and it was quite the adventure for the couple, given their current lifestyles. On a regular basis, Ryan has many different jobs that he is managing for his career, including but not limited to his clothing line, E! News Red Carpet Interviews, three different radio shows, the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, and several others. Not only is Ryan often nicknamed the hardest working individual in Hollywood, but he has earned his fair share of wealth for his efforts, making upwards of 50 million dollars per year.

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