Jacob Gottlieb, Rejuvenating the Healthcare Sector with Altium Capital

Jacob Gottlieb is a well-known investor in the healthcare industry. The highly qualified and experienced financial investor has announced a new addition to his basket. The new addition, he said is named Altium Capital, a health care investment fund. The new venture will be based in New York and will mainly deal in investment opportunities related to growth firms in the healthcare sector. Through the firm, Gottlieb will be seeking out those firms, which offer advanced health and medical services.

Altium Capital has also made significant investments in the recent past. Some notable investments associated with Altium Capital include Oramed pharmaceuticals, Oragenics, and Amarin Corporation. Oramed is a popular and innovative firm, which specializes in the development of oral treatment for diabetes. The oral medication is a reprieve to those patients, who are already under injectable drugs. Oramed Pharmaceuticals has successfully tested and qualified the oral insulin capsule and the oral Glucagon-like peptide.

Altium Capital has also invested in Amarin, a fast developing pharmaceuticals company. Amarin has made a name through the development of innovative cardiovascular health improvement drugs. The company employs a combination of polyunsaturated fatty acids and expertise in lipid science in its products development. Some of the products, which the company has developed, include Vascepa. The Food and Drugs Administration approved the drug in 2012. Amarin is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. It has subsidiary offices in New Jersey and Bedminster.

Oragenics is another company, in which Altium Capital has an interest. The company specializes in the development of new antibiotics against contagious diseases. One of its primary focuses is the development of an effective treatment for oral mucositis. Oragenics uses the concept of Replacement Therapy to come up with innovative treatment options. The company has collaborated withIntrexon Corporation to access cutting-edge technology for the faster development of antibiotics.

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