The OSI Group Feeds The Need.

In a world that hungers for more, the OSI Group has strapped on their lucky aprons and donned their trusty toque’s for a feast fit for a globe full of hungry humanoids hankerin’ for a heaping helping of hearty, wholesome, healthy vittles.The OSI Group has taken on the Herculean task of feeding the masses. Now, this is no easy feat. It takes a staff of well over 20,000 hardworking, incredibly financial expert skilled people spread all over the world. Fortunately, the OSI Group has just that.Of course, OSI did not start at successful and/or worldwide. It has taken well over a century of unique circumstances which have ultimately culminated into one of the largest food companies ever to exist.

It all began with the “O” in OSI Group. “O” is for “Otto” Kolschowsky. He is the immigrant from Germany who began a small butcher shop in Chicago in the early 1900s. From that time on, the growth of Otto’s little meat market endeavor has led to the current lead food giant in food production; OSI Industries. The OSI Group operates in well over a dozen countries around the world, and they are currently free-wheeling into the the future of large scale food operations which include every morsel in the food pyramid.Again, This is no easy job, but it is a rewarding one. Choosing an OSI career is choosing a worldwide family of professional food preparers and creative experts in nutrition and the culinary arts.

You may be wondering how a food processing company can be involved in true culinary artistry. OSI is setting standards for how food is prepared, processed, delivered and consumed around the world, and the artistry of the brilliant experts currently employed by OSI is setting great standards.Not only is great, healthy food product being processed in creative new ways, OSI is raising the bar in caring for the very environment they operate in. Awards such as the coveted and prestigious Globe of Honour Award presented by the British safety council. This is but one of many recognitions OSI has to show for its great efforts to feeding the masses in creative ways. Bon Appetite.

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