David McDonald, President of OSI Group

David McDonald who is 54 years old was born and raised in Lowa. He serves as the president and chief operating officer at OSI Group, a premier worldwide food provider of food products.He now leads one of the country’s most successful privately owned companies. He graduated from college and begun his career in a degree in animal science. David then acquired his first job after college as a project manager and has worked up his ranks to his current position as the chief operating officer of OSI Group.Over his over 30 years career at OSI he has helped the company grow to become a world leader in the food industry.

With his current position at OSI, he still supports and is committed to the Lowa state community in an agricultural entrepreneurship initiative. David and his wife Malinda have six children.David McDonald being the president of the company works hard to ensure OSI Group keeps up with the constantly changing international market. From one of the interviews, David stated that OSI Group did not take long before it started making a profit as a company this due to their partnerships with other leading companies.Since his early days, he always had a great vision about OSI and had never doubted that his business idea would fail at some point.

He explained that due to their excellent customer service they were able to attract their first bunch of customers. To remain relevant in the market, David said that OSI Group could integrate with the local community, and thus they get to know the consumer needs.David McDonald explained that their customers are the ones that inspire the group to be innovative. This happens when they try to respond to a challenge posed at them by the customers.To ensure that OSI Group maintains standards of high quality product David McDonald said that by treating their customers as a family it provides that they cannot serve to their customers what they cannot help to their families. David McDonald said that learning from what they have done in the past, OSI Group always aspires to be better.

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