Actionable Tips On How To Create And Stick To A To-Do List

In such a busy world where you have you to complete a hundred tasks in a limited amount of time, you need proper organization if you are to hack it. More importantly, you need a to-do list. When carefully drafted and implemented, this list can help you sail through the day and achieve more in time with minimal pressure. But how do you create a powerful to-do list?

  1. Start by preparing a list that captures everything

When you have numerous tasks calling out for your attention, it is possible for some to slip through the cracks. Avoid this by writing them down. More importantly, aggregate these tasks into one to-do list and ensure it captures everything, from the simple tasks to the highlights of the day. It is also advisable that you prepare this list in advance as it helps.

  1. Define priorities and give them time limits

Want to become even more productive? Prioritize your work and assign every task a limited timeframe. You live in a world of uncertainties and the last thing you need is some emergency cropping up in the middle of the day and threatening your deadlines. Prioritize your day and start with the most urgent tasks. Plus to ensure that you do not spend too much time on a given task at the expense of equally important tasks. Assign them all a specific timeframe within which they must be completed or dropped.

  1. Keep re-evaluating the tasks

The tasks on your to-do list don’t have in equal value. That is why you need to keep prioritizing as soon as you create the list and throughout the day. Keep vetting these tasks and checking the value you generate from their completion, then start with the ones that offer maximal returns for the time spent on them.

  1. Break big tasks into subtasks and group similar tasks together

Ever wondered why you keep procrastinating on finishing up on some tasks? They are probably huge and threatening. Fight off the procrastination by breaking the big tasks into smaller and less threatening subtasks and tidbits. The little joy of completing one task will keep you going. Importantly, bundle similar projects together. For instance, if you are to make a call or send text messages, consider assigning a specific time to all calls.

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