Ted Bauman: Why Electronic Wallets are the Next Big Thing!

With this evolving age of technology where everything and anything is now controlled by some sort of technology – everything is now changing and we have to evolve with the times to be able to live with the times. Everything now is becoming virtual, instant and digital – which is the same thing that is happening now with cash payments – physical cash notes are now a thing of the past and are bound to diminish, and now cashless payments and transactions are the next big thing and Ted Bauman is all here for this next massive sensation.Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia – Ted Bauman, also well known as “Ted Bauman Guru“, is a writer and editor of The Bauman Letter under the umbrella of Banyan Hill Publishing.

He and his paper specializes and focuses on privacy, international immigration issues, investment strategies and asset protection. He has spent years and years on helping people access and avail of written sources that will inform them on things that matter to them and resources that will lead them into an informed, aware and independent life.According to Bauman research and his writing, he deliberately informs everyone that physical cash transactions are a thing of the past and that they are not here to stay.In his article in a Banyan Hill Publishing newsletter, his article covered a lot of information on the reasons on why to be aware and informed on the advantages of cashless transactions rather than sticking to the traditional way of payments.

There is a a strong change in cash trend where everyone is shifting to transacting with the digital way. Ted Bauman with Banyan Hill Letter has sent out a notice to watch out with using credit and debit cards like Visa and Mastercard. In the nearest future, the services that are offered by credit cards might not be the most efficient way ot handle your spending because now there are electronic wallets like Google Wallet, GCash and Apple pay which might be a better way of dealing with digital transactions and electronic cashless payments. With this fast evolving the business world, better make sure that you keep up with it!

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