Shervin Pishevar: The Future is Better with Small Business Innovations

Shervin Pishevar explores the impacts that blockchain technology is having on the world. Monopolies are quietly entrenching themselves in global business. Shervin Pishevar is exercising his voice to bring attention to the dangers this presents. He discusses the impacts to small business and innovation. This extends to global markets and the quality of life for everyone. In fact, what inventions like the smartphone have done to bring people closer are also potentially a means to cause mass harm.

Small businesses are being pushed aside by the special interests of large corporations. Shervin Pishevar points to technology giants like Google and Amazon. While he primarily discusses American business, other regions of the world are demonstrating similar signs. Alibaba operates much like Amazon. And this Chinese company might just be as influential to the global markets. Both have begun researching and testing on blockchain technology. Unfortunately, they will probably employ private blockchains without the advantages introduced by Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Monopolies are dangerous. America knows this. The culturally diverse and renowned for its ingenuity nation moves to break apart monopolies when they gain an overwhelming market edge that impedes upon its freedoms. Shervin Pishevar brings the specific impacts on small businesses to attention. Long before monopolies get big enough for the American government to take action, they will have already adversely affected small businesses. Shervin Pishevar is right to call the world to action now.

Without small businesses, innovation sufferers. Monopolies serve their own interest. They will seek out technologies that maximize their profits. This is problematic because single-minded innovation halts business growth. It slowly removes opportunity and diversity. It inhibits problem solving because tools are either overly specific or incompatible. This is apparent when unforeseen events take place in business. What may seem of little consequence at first can turn into a tragic occurrence very quickly. For instance, lack of education and practical skills are often the result of single-minded innovation.

Diversity of innovation benefits multiple platforms. It is an essential market strength that is driven by competition. Who can know how to move forward but the people most directly affected?

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