The RealReal is Strict About Not Selling Fakes

The RealReal is changing the way we shop for luxury clothing and accessories. There are plenty of online shops and consignment stores where you can purchase a used Chanel handbag, Versace boots, or a Gucci belt. There are also plenty of places that would be happy to sell you a fake version.

The RealReal is an online luxury consignment shop that was started to combat those online retailers who sell fakes. The online retailer has surpassed $100 million in sales in 2014. The company even holds contests called “Find the Fake” in which you can win prizes for identifying counterfeit products.

Their no-fake policy is not the only reason why The RealReal has quickly become one of the most popular online consignment shops. It’s also because the company has quickly taken over Instagram. On Instagram, you can keep up with the company and their latest additions.

They also have Instagram Stories where you can get fashion tips from their experts, learn more about sustainable clothing, check out the latest products from their LA store and SoHo stores, and learn how to check for authenticity on your favorite designer items.

Check out their latest post about the Fendi handbag. The RealReal posted this photo of a tan leather handbag that features the signature Fendi logo in green leather. According to The RealREal, the Fendi logo is becoming popular with celebrities and style bloggers.

The Fendi signature was originally known as the Zucca, but is now referred to as the “FF.” Shoppers can learn more about the authenticity of Fendi bags from their Chief Authenticator.

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