Marc Beer Raises $42 Million For Women’s Health Venture

Marc Beers’ new business venture, known as Renovia Inc., is a medical company that specializes in the manufacture of products designed to treat a variety of pelvic floor disorders such as urinary incontinence. It is estimated that around 25 million American women suffer from urinary incontinence alone.


Renovia is off to a good start, having closed a $32 million series B round with around ten million of venture debt. This was mainly due to the support of an investment firm called the Longwood Fund. Renovia already has a number of products in the works and their first product, Leva, has already been approved by the FDA. The company is planning an improved version of Leva and three other products designed to serve this specific medical market.


Leva is a biofeedback device which is designed to help with the strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles. Weakness in these particular muscles is the number one cause of urinary incontinence in women. As such, there are many exercises that are designed to strengthen these muscles and thus increase urine retention ability. What Leva does is provide detailed feedback so that both the patient and her doctor can see both performance and results.


Renovia CEO Marc Beers has been working in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 25 years. His areas of expertise include medicines, devices, diagnostics, and biotechnology. He founded Renovia in 2016, in partnership with a skilled doctor named Ramon Iglesias (MD) and Yolanda Lorie.


Marc Beers has experience as CEO due to his work with ViaCell, another company that he founded. This biotechnology company was founded in 2000 and specialized in the collection and development of stem cells. Their research proved invaluable in increasing our understanding of stem cells. Before selling the company, Marc Beers built it up to a successful and highly profitable level. In the end, he had more than 300 employees.


When asked for comment on these recent developments, Marc Beers said that he was thrilled to have the support of high-level investors who shared his passion for improving the lives of the millions of women who suffer from pelvic floor issues. Learn more :

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