Why People are Re-Tweeting Shervin Pishevar

Shervin Pishevar is the co-founder of several companies and an investor of many more. His tech knowledge is over the top, which has allowed him the success that he has in the industry. He has gained a lot of followers in the past few months and more and more people are re-tweeting what he has to say.


There is a good reason for all of this activity. It all began with a tweet storm that occurred in February.


The Tweet Storm

The best way to describe Shervin Pishevar’s tweets in February is to say it was a tweet storm. He sent 50 of them in the span of 24 hours. He numbered them all and said in the first that he wanted to share some thoughts and predictions.


By the time Shervin Pishevar had sent out all 50 tweets, he covered his thoughts on the economy, the speed of execution in the US, cryptocurrency, monopolies, the entrepreneurial spirit, and much more.


His Followers

Shervin Pishevar has over 90,000 followers on Twitter. Many of these followers have been retweeting what he has sent out because of the great importance. For example, Shervin identified the five monopolies that need to be watched carefully in the US because they could prevent startups from reaching success. By retweeting, his followers are able to bring greater awareness to what’s going on.


Many bloggers, including tech and business ones, have retweeted Shervin’s comments with a few of their own. Many people are talking about how Shervin has been spot-on in regards to his predictions of the stock market as well as cryptocurrency. With so much of his tweets hitting home, it’s no surprise that more people are following him on Twitter.


The tech investor is trying to show what’s going on in the country so people know what they need to do in order to push the envelope. Any startup who wants to make it will need to be ready to fight the monopolies in order to stand a chance.



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