Securus Technology Stays Ahead Of Illegal Activities

Prisoners can be very inventive in their determination to smuggle in contraband items. Unfortunately, modern technology seems to aid them in their efforts. In this case, it is the use of drones. A couple of years ago in Ohio, Maryland, and even an incident in London, England where inmates found a way to make night delivery of drugs dropped into a prison courtyard, as well as directly to an inmate’s prison window. Not only are prison officials concerned about this new threat, but the U.S. Defense Department, counter terrorism agencies, power/nuclear facilities, airports, chemical plants, etc., are also looking into this innovative technological threat.


Securus Technologies is located in central Texas. Its purpose is to provide correction facilities with innovative technology to help the employees, the public, and inmates to remain safe, yet informed. Securus has already created technology empowered products and services like modern communication configurations, monitoring products/services, emergency response network, crisis management programs, biometric verifications, advanced investigative tools for the staff, safer/private monetary system, programs to detect contraband cell phones, and advanced inmate video visitation program.


In 2018 Securus was acknowledged with top honors by the Gold Stevie Award for its customer service training techniques, sales, and services. This award makes the third win for Securus in the same category. Adding to its many technological advances for law enforcement agencies and correction facilities by Securus Technologies is a new pilot program to detect the threat of drone use. Prisons are experiencing inmates using drones to smuggle in drugs, weapons, and other contraband items. Securus has created an innovative technology which can detect drones in the area. Testing in several lockup facilities has proven successful in identifying drone delivery systems which is giving this trial program a favorable implementation usage.


The Securus Technologies drone detection design uses a digital receiver styled platform which is based on the same principle of the company’s Wireless Containment Solution used to detect and stop illegal cellphone usage. The new propriety technology for drone detection works in the same way to prevent unauthorized drones from entering a controlled correctional facility area. Like the Wireless Containment Solution by Securus and their partners, the drone detection network can be customized based on the implementational needs and security tenets of the correctional agency.


Drone usage by inmates affects the safety of the public, the safety and exploitation of other prisoners who are trying to do right, and a threat to prison officials who work with inmates daily. The periodic use of illegal drone occurrences only demonstrates how far the criminal element will go to circumvent real-time security ordinances to deliver dangerous contraband products to inmates. Technology like Securus designs, in this case, drone detection solutions, is another way that the company installs, modifies, and designs structures to keep everyone safe.


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