Why I Adore Lime Crime and Founder, Doe Deere

Doe Deere is truly a force of nature. She has accomplished so much in her lifetime and is one of the rare people who can truly say that they found their life’s passion and built it into a successful global company. That goal is so rarely achieved that it makes her an inspiration for entrepreneurs everywhere and especially a role model for female entrepreneurs. Her company is called Lime Crime and it has transitioned from a fringe startup makeup company to one of the most popular beauty brands in the country. While it may not be on every store shelf of drug stores, the customers that buy Lime Crime are incredibly loyal. Typically, once someone tries Lime Crime they will not only come back again and again but they serve as the company’s best referral source – telling everyone they know how great Lime Crime products are.


Doe Deere says that referrals are her biggest generator of new customers. Loyal, repeat customers typically serve as much better clients than customers who simply try different makeup products depending on what style they are going for that month. Lime Crime fans are nothing if not loyal. Doe Deere has been nicknamed the Queen of the Unicorns, as a unicorn is the mascot for Lime Crime. Unicorns are made to stand out as gleaming, beautiful creatures that offer a type of beauty that the typical horse just doesn’t.


Doe Deere looks like a unicorn. In a recent article that can be ready on Inspirely.com, she can be seen with her bright blue hair and red lipstick drawing attention to her incredibly gorgeous, fair skin. She is holding a doll that looks identical to her, which is ironic as she looks very doll-like herself. The article shed a lot of light on her background and the background of Lime Crime. She also gives some great advice.


My favorite part of the article discussed the biggest obstacle she has faced during her years in business. She stated that the biggest challenge she had faced was selecting the perfect lab to work with. She was focused on finding one with a team of highly qualified chemists. However, she said that her main obstacle in selecting the right lab was finding one that would share the vision and mission of Lime Crime and work well with her and her team. Lime Crime has always been vegan-friendly and is never tested on animals. Not only is that one reason I love Lime Crime products so much, but I think it showcases how passionate she is about Lime Crime. Her passion is one key factor that sets Lime Crime apart from your typical line of makeup. In fact, her website clearly states that if she and her team aren’t 100% obsessed with a particular product, they simply won’t release that particular product. Again, this is something that sets Lime Crime apart and has built such a loyal base of repeat customers. Overall, I am proud to be a hardcore Lime Crime fan!


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