Securus Technologies Making Rapid Technological Advances in the Correctional Field

Securus Technologies has been a top-rated correctional firm since 1986 and has served millions of inmates so far. The correctional services offered by Securus Technologies are used by over 3,450 correctional facilities in North America. The company is planning to expand its operational territory in the coming years under the leadership of its current CEO, Richard Smith. He has years of experience in the telecommunication industry and knows exactly what needs to be done to reach out to further audience and improve the productivity of the company as a whole. Securus Technologies has been contributing significantly to improve the correctional field for many years and has recently introduced a new revolutionary inmate communication service known as video visitation.


With the help of video visitation service, the inmates can talk as well as see their friends and relatives through their phone or tablet. Mostly, the family members have to visit the prison facility to meet with the inmates, but with the help of video visitation facility, the family members and inmates can see each other while talking. It reduces the need for the family members and friends to visit the prison facility, saving them considerable time and money. Securus Technologies has been making advances not only in the inmate communication services but also in the investigative solutions it provides. The Investigation PRO and LBS Services offered by Securus Technologies are highly appreciated by the law enforcement agencies and personnel.


It is necessary that the companies continue to make technological advances in their respective fields for progress to happen. It is what Securus Technologies has been doing for the last few years, and has even invested $600 million for patent acquisition and research and development. The company has been receiving tons of positive comments and feedback as well from the law enforcement officers, which it published partially in a press release it posted online recently.



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