Education Reform Laws Continue to Gain Bipartisan Support

As Education Secretary Betsy Devos’ education reform movement continues to grow, more and more educational options are becoming available. For example, incorporating digital learning into the classroom is something that Betsy Devos supports. It is no secret that kids adapt pretty easily to technology. Using digital devices in the classroom can give children a better chance of understanding things. It can also cause them to be more excited about their learning. It is a great way to combat boredom, especially since kids these days spend so much time on digital devices.

On a similar note, Betsy Devos explained in an interview that when it comes to education reform, her focus is not limited to charter schools, religious schools, magnet schools, and other kinds of private schools. In the long term, she also wants to expand options for kids so that they can attend schools that are outside of their zip code. Not only that, but in the internet age, there is the opportunity for virtual schools, or at least a blended educational experience. Kids can attend classes virtually over the internet, either for all classes or just for some. Learn more:

Betsy Devos focuses on gaining support for her education reforms through grassroots programs. For example, she and her team did things like taking out advertisements on billboards, in newspapers, on television, on the radio, and on the internet. They worked with community leaders and representatives to get the word out. They also met with parents personally to discuss educational options with them and to hear their concerns. As more and more parents became aware of the various options in education, lawmakers and elected officials realized that it was a good idea to start focusing on education reform.

Betsy Devos stressed that education reform is not a partisan issue. She points to Florida as an example. In Florida, former Republican Governor Jeb Bush initiated many of the education reform laws, but it is now widely supported by Democrats as well. In fact, Florida is where she saw the most success. Fifty thousand students there attend some sort of nonpublic school. She believes that over time, more and more Democrats will start to realize the value of school choice and education reform.

Betsy Devos has been involved in politics ever since she was studying in university. Education reform has always been her key issue. She is a major philanthropist as well.

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