Securus Technologies Making Efforts to Increase Prison Safety

When me and my fellow officers show up for work each day at the jail, we have to make sure we are focused on safety every second or we could all be in serious danger. These inmates have nothing but time on their hands, they have developed a number of ways to access illegal contraband, making a dangerous situation now a deadly one for officers. To help control the violence, me and my team have to be vigilant in how we deal with any illegal activities in the jail.


Securus Technologies has been instrumental recently in changing the way that my team is able to crack down on illegal activities in the jail. The company is based in Texas, and the entire company and CEO all have a single objective we can relate to, making the world a safer place to live. Their inmate telephone monitoring system is revolutionizing how officers in jail can stay ahead of the criminal activities that make life so dangerous in jail for all.


The basic idea here is that the LBS software will now monitor the inmate calls so that my team can focus on more pressing issues around the jail. If the system detects any chatter on a number of subjects, we get and alert and can take action before the incident occurs. That puts us in the position of proactive measures rather than always being in reaction mode.


To give an example of how effective the Securus Technologies system, we got an alert when an inmate was on the phone talking about an order to strike a rival gang member in the yard. We got an alert when a male inmate was asking his elderly mother to sneak in her medication so he could sell it to other inmates. These instances were all addressed immediately without incident.


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