Kate Hudson and Fabletics Success Strategy

Kate Hudson is lighting up the country as the face of Fabletics. Fabletics is an upscale line of “athleisure” wear, athletic wear that is trendy enough to transition outside of the gym. When Fabletics was started in 2014, co-founders of parent company TechStyle LLC knew that they had to have the perfect person to showcase their brand. They wanted to showcase the quality of the line with a face that represented quality and a commitment to fitness as well as a fun face that people could picture themselves taking a yoga class with.

All agreed that face was actress Kate Hudson. She has been known for a decade for her commitment to fitness and staying physically active. Above that, she is a really relatable actress with a face and personality that women everywhere just seemed to adore. Kate Hudson agreed to be the face of Fabletics after hearing about the project and determining it was one she could really stand behind. At the time, Fabletics was just a startup, but the vision to bring well-made, quality, trendsetting athletic outfits to women everywhere was one she definitely had a passion for. She believes sincerely that women should feel good when they work out and should feel it is something fun to do, not a chore that must be done to look a certain way.


After taking on the role of head spokes person for Fabletics, Kate Hudson has continued to be highly involved. She uses buyer data and sales number to determine exactly what pieces are doing best. From there, she works with the team to select what trends women want and make selections based on that. Using this data in this way has been so successful that TechStyle co-founders say they expect 95% of their inventory to be purchased each sales cycle of new styles.


Fabletics is a unique company that focuses on what buyers are looking for and particularly on how they shop and see value in the digital realm. To break into the market of athletic wear, Fabletics has always used a technique that puts the digital shopping experience before stores – or a reverse showroom technique of sales. This gives customers an easy shopping experience that doesn’t require them to leave the couch. It also allows the experience to cater to each customer by using a Lifestyle Quiz to build a profile of their data before they even make a purchase. If you haven’t taken the Lifestyle Quiz and want to learn more about Fabletics, it is on their website and takes just a few moments.

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