The Brown Agency: Models In The Making

Dreams come in all themes, shapes, and sizes. For many, childhood is filled with dreams and aspirations about being successful. Most often, this success includes some sort of fame. Children, as well as adults, are often thrilled at the idea of being known and recognized for their talents. For so many children, modeling and entertaining are exciting and ideal careers. The thought of being chosen to represent some of the world’s largest brands is quite enticing, and the lifestyle associated with a career in the entertainment industry is desirable to nearly all of us. Gaining recognition and establishing yourself in the entertainment can prove to be quite the challenge. With the endless amounts of aspiring entertainers and newly bred talent emerging nearly every day, competition can be fierce. For those wanting to take the plunge into a life in front of the lens, there are professionals dedicated to helping you make your dream a reality.

Brown Agency, formerly known as Wilhelmina Austin, is a full-service modeling agency based in Central Texas. Since their 2010 launch, the Brown Modeling Agency has established themselves as leaders in the fashion and entertainment industry. Today, some of the world’s biggest brands are represented by the faces of the Brown Modeling Agency. From L’oreal Paris to Dell, and from the catalog to the runway, the versatility and unmatched amount of talent and hard work offered by the models of the Brown Agency. Models of the agency have strutted across the runways for fashion week in Austin, Dallas, and New York, as we as Miami Swim Week.

In 2015, Wilhelmina Austin merged with Heyman Talent and made their first debut as the new Brown Modeling Agency. Serving as a platform for their continued growth and success.The merger expanded both the clientele and potential for models. By expanding the agency, models now have the opportunity to expand their portfolios giving them the chance to present themselves to more clients. Through their hard work and dedication, the faces of the Brown Agency have are a true expression of their commitment to their models and their clients.

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