Eva Moskowitz’s Role in Reforming the American Education System

Eva Moskowitz is one of those people who are trying to reform the American Education system. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania where she was given her Bachelor of Arts degree, and continued her studies at the Johns Hopkins University where she got her doctorate degree in American History. Eva Moskowitz, after finishing her studies, decided to become a history and civics teacher for a program called Prep for Prep, which have been established solely for those students who are gifted and have originated from the minority. Through her teaching years, she have discovered how the American Education System is failing, which made her decide to serve the public and later on becoming one of the members of the New York City council. She became the chair of the Education Committee of the council, and has visited a number of city schools while doing some investigatory hearings, where she is commonly attributed. Eva Moskowitz have stated that there are no public education aspect that is too controversial or too insignificant to be explored – whether it is all about the school’s lighting system or with the practicing teachers themselves. She’s always trying to find new ways on how to improve and innovate, and millions have praised her for her passion to reform the system.



In the year 2006, Eva Moskowitz decided to launch her first school in the district of Harlem, and founded the Success Academy Charter Schools, where she served as the CEO. In a matter of nine years, the school grew and the network itself produced 32 schools, with almost 9000 school children attending coming from Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens. It also became the highest performing network of charter school in the city of New York. Success Academy Schools have a huge number of student populations experiencing poverty, but it did not stop them in consistently outperforming the wealthiest school districts in New York City. The flagship school in Harlem was also chosen by the US Department of Education as a National Blue Ribbon School back in the year 2012, joining the other 218 schools across the country.



Today, Eva Moskowitz is continuing her approach in transforming the education system by changing the mindset of the American people that mediocrity is the main reason why the American Education System is failing and excellence must be practiced in order to uplift its condition.



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