Arthur Becker’s Journey in Technology Investment

Arthur Becker is a serial entrepreneur. He has started multiple technology companies and became an investor in real estate. Becker graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Bennington College, located in Vermont. He also attended the Amos Tuck Graduate School of Business. He joined the company of Bear Stearns, Inc. and in 1994; he became the Chairman of the Board of Directors. As a part of his position, he led the sale of the company.

Arthur Becker founded and served as the President for Bnox, Inc. The company created a optical technology business that formed developments for the single-use camera. Under his leadership, the company sold to huge retailers like CVS, Wal-Mart, and Rite Aid. Another one of Becker’s ventures involved the founding of Advance Partners, LLC. It was a financial advisory company that organized the finances and possessions of UK businesses to investors based in the United States. For example, they advised Cendant Corporation when they decided to purchase the National Car Park in the UK for 1.1 Billion GBP. You can visit Ideamensch to know more.

Arthur Becker and a financial partner founded Atlantic Investors and purchased three data center companies in the United States in 2001 and 2002. One of them being NaviSite, a traded company that provided technology services. He acted as the Chief Executive Officer for eight years, going through ten acquisitions with the company. He prepared the company for various changes. He shifted his focus to expanding cloud services and enterprise hosting formulas. He sold the company to Time Warner in 2011.

Becker soon after started discreetly investing in technology companies and real estate expansion through the Madison Partners, LLC.

He was eventually appointed to be the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Zinio, the largest digital magazine distributor in the world, after Becker’s investment in the company. Zinio is a successful brand, selling 6,000 different magazines digitally in more than 45 countries. Becker revised the company’s technology of its suppliers. He also led the purchase of a digital technology company that had operations in Vietnam and Barcelona. A few years later, he made the decision to replace himself as the Chairman and CEO and now retains his position as a valued Board member. More details can be found on Perez Hilton.

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