Securus Technologies Knows They’ll Win Challenge With GTL

One of the leading providers of criminal justice and civil technology solutions sent out a challenge to a rival competitor. Securus Technologies, which provides technology for investigation, corrections and monitoring, and public safety, challenged their biggest competitor to a “bake-off.” The challenge to GTL is to be judged by an independent technology judge to determine who posseses the best and biggest product set.


CEO of Securus Richard Smith claims that GTL spun their facts and is inaccurate in their idea that their technology and customer service are even close to being comparable to theirs. He has asked a judge to compare the two company’s customer service, their size of product set, how modern their calling platform is, and which has the most capital and expense efficient platform.


Smith also claims that GTL cannot even come close to Securus. The company has put more than $700 million back into the company in the past four years, developing product and acquiring companies and technologies. He knows that GTL will fall behind because they use older and less efficient systems.


He believes Securus Technologies would win this “bake-off” because they own an overall larger product set. Their company also has its very own call center that is not outsourced, unlike GTL. Securus’ call answer performance sits a whopping 600 percent above GTL’s. GTL also sources out their field technicians, something that Securus does not do. Securus Technologies has also made one of the largest calling platforms for corrections in the world. Customers have even switched from GTL to Securus and claim their customer service and technology is far superior.


Securus Technologies is based in Texas and serves more than 1.2 million inmates across the continent and over 3,400 law enforcement, correction, and public safety agencies.