String House is a producing title and new works laboratory founded by Portland, Oregon theatre artists Anna Crandall, Emily Gregory, Alex Leigh Ramirez, and Kaye Blankenship. We are dedicated to supporting new and experimental work by young, up-and-coming theatre artists, creating highly experimental projects that push the boundaries of the art form, and collaborating with others who we feel are doing similarly exciting work. Past projects include productions and workshops of new plays, ensemble-driven devised projects, and performance art. We have neither a permanent home base nor a structured season; we spring up wherever and whenever inspiration is to be had. Look out for us where and when you least expect.


What’s In a Name?

“The Father creates a room out of string for Eurydice.
He makes four walls and a door out of string.
Time passes.
It takes time to build a room out of string.
Eurydice observes the underworld.
There isn’t much to observe.
She plays hop-scotch without chalk.
Every so often,
the Father looks at her,
happy to see her,
while he makes her room out of string.
She looks back at him, polite.”

—”Eurydice” (Second Movement, Scene 3), by Sarah Ruhl

Our name is a reference to the above stage directions, which describe Eurydice’s father making a room for his daughter in the underworld as a place of safety, nurture, and imagination.  It is, we think, one of the most potent images of contemporary American theatre.  The house made of string is a fragile, temporary space constructed only out of the simplest of found objects, but when inhabited by collaborators and their collective inspiration, it becomes a space of alchemical magic.  What better ode to our art and the real and imaginary spaces that it inhabits?



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  • Ron and Sue Rope
    December 13, 2011 - 5:20 am | Permalink

    Hey Dudettes:

    Just wanted to say good luck with this and the rest of the work you have in the que. We hope to be able to make it to one of your shows someday.

    Cheers and happy holidays!

    Ron and Sue Rope

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